Solution | AI-powered Product Data Engine

AI-DRIVEN | Systematic Generation and Useage of Corporate Data

We think End-to-End. Individual tools are helpful, but they only help individual departments. AI-Driven is strategic. A platform is needed, that covers all aspects of the systematic generation and useage of corporate data. That the entire company benefits from its own corporate data to increase its competitiveness.

AI-powered Product Data Intelligence | Competitiveness²

The SaaS AI-powered Product Data Intelligence Platform contains all the components for a systematic generation, utilization and automation of enterprise data. Ignite the next level of competitiveness with LUMINARITY.AI

AI-powered Product Data Engine

This is how the AI-powered Product Data Intelligence works

  • 1. Save & Datageneration

    Check in components in PDM, PLM system

    Everything starts with a storage process. When a component or assembly is checked into the PDM / PLM system, the Data-Driven Engine starts and creates the perfect data for all subsequent processes from the product-describing data. This data stream is perfect and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the company.

  • Die Luminarity, künstliche Intelligenz im Bild

    2. Classification with AI

    Artificial intelligence takes over

    The artificial intelligence - the Luminarity - takes over and classifies the components fully automatically. The Luminarity directly writes the material group key and creates all relevant parameters in the PDM / PLM or ERP system. At the same time, the system suggests the optimal name for the components. Similar, already existing items are identified and reported with SID - similar item detection.

  • Der CostChecker auf einem Bildschirm abgebildet

    3. Calculate costs automatically

    Calculate costs with Data-Driven Costing

    Data-Driven Costing calculates the costs of the components fully automatically. The costs are calculated using standardized cost models for different quantities and transferred to the PDM / PLM system. At the same time, the CO2e emissions are calculated and written to the systems.

  • PSI - predictive saving identifier auf einem Computerbildschirm

    4. Evaluation of the predictions

    Check the predictions for plausibility

    The software PSI - predictive saving identifier takes over. The parametric cost models are connected to the ERP system and are continuously monitored. An evaluation of the various predictions (costs, etc.) is made directly. If a specific threshold is exceeded or not reached, the system sounds an alarm.

  • Teileallocation mit Machine Learning auf einem Bildschirm dargestellt

    5. Supplier selection with AI

    Choice of the most suitable supplier

    Our AI, the Luminarity, suggests the ideal supplier per component. Different criteria can be selected, which influence the prediction. If an internal production is available, Luminarity evaluates the Make/Buy situation and directly selects the ideal production machine for the components (part allocation with AI).

  • Teileallocation mit Machine Learning auf einem Bildschirm dargestellt

    6. Order process and ERP handover

    Costs become prices

    As soon as components have an order transaction, the evaluation of the price is automated. The article master is enriched with all necessary information. It is ensured that the subsequent disciplines find the perfect data in the system.

    Integrated Artificial Intelligence | The Algorithms

    The AI-powered Product Data Intelligence Platform contains our LUMINARITY AI-Algorithms. These Algorithms ensures, that business processes are supplied with perfect data (End-to-End) and that this data is available to a wide range of disciplines. The Luminarity AI-Algorithms ensures, that all disciplines in your business get accurate predictions. Predictions on prices, predictions on costs, predictions and CO2e values, predictions on categories or classes ... the possibilities are endless. AI - rock solid.

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