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DIC - Data Integrity Checker | Keep Data Valuable

The competitiveness of companies correlates with the data quality in the companies. Not without reason are standards such as ISO 8000, ISO 29002 and ISO 22745 defined. The consistency and integrity of corporate data must be ensured throughout the entire data life cycle. There is a need for ways to translate the quality requirements, that companies have for data, into operational rules.

The DIC | Ensuring Data retains its Value

Data Governance with the DIC - data integrity checker
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The DIC - Data Integrity Checker helps our customers to ensure the quality, consistency and usability of the data that is collected daily. Where it is difficult to guarantee data quality in companies, the DIC supports companies to ensure systematically and with highest precision the integrity and consistency of company cata. Your company data is worth GOLD! With the DIC, companies ensure, that the value of gold is preserved for all times.

Poor master data in – perfect master data out?

Granted... it is not quite that simple. Often ERP data is not available in the desired completeness and quality. However, analyses require precise input data. The DIC - data integrity checker contains many sophisticated mechanisms to cleanse data in the shortest possible time. Material data, part names, supplier names, Incoterms... the data variety is large. The DIC is able to clean up these data automatically.

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The UI of the DIC - data integrity checker

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