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The CLASSifizer | Face Recognition for your Items

Imagine ... A software knows exactly, how items should be classified into different categories. As if a face recognition system is taking over the category classification - fully automatically and at enormous speed.

High-Speed Category Management with Deep Learning

Highspeed Category Management with Machine Learning - the CLASSifizer

Category management is the basis for targeted measures in procurement. A good strategy can have a significant influence on the success of the procurement and substantially simplify many subsequent processes. For a good strategy, we need good classes and good data quality.

Often, items are manually assigned to categories. This is prone to errors. The AI of our CLASSifizer is able to divide components into categories with high precision - and even name items fully automatically. With highest speed, granularity and precision.

AID - Automated item description

"Block", "holder" ... who does not know these designations. When searching for items in the PDM, PLM or ERP system, a correct and good description is important - because consecutive numbering systems and inaccurate category management (without our CLASSifizer ...) contribute to the fact, that items can no longer be found. With AID - automated item description this is a thing of the past. The CLASSifizer assigns systematic and exact item descriptions - fully automated.

Face recognition for your items - the CLASSifizer

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