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DATA-DRIVEN ENGINE | Perfect Data for perfect Answers

The competitiveness of companies is directly related to the data quality in the companies. Data quality and data completeness are synonymous with speed and reliability. Our Data-Driven Engine generates the perfect data. Fully automatically, in perfect quality and within DIN 4000.

The Data-Driven Engine Funnel. Data in - perfect data out

The Engine for Data-Driven Processes

Company data like 3D CAD models, 2D drawings, specifications and ERP data is often heterogeneous and not of particularly good quality. Our Data-Driven Engine generates the perfect data out of your product descriptive data. The data - generated with the Data-Driven Engine - also harmonizes with our solutions for data utilization: Data-Driven Costing, Data-Driven Product Carbon Footprint, Data-Driven Sales or ACM - Adaptive Category Management.

Interpret 3D Data and 2D Data with Deep Learning

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), shouldcosting provides state-of-the-art accuracy and smart enrichment for data extraction from 3D CAD models, technical drawings and specifications. Our technology provides context information and converts data into knowledge in seconds.

3D CADminer in action
2D CADminer in action

The Data-Driven Engine interprets 3D CAD models, 2D drawings and specification sheets fully automatically and delivers all relevant values in structured form. The data correspond to the specifications of DIN 4000.

As Cloud Service or On-Premise

The Data-Driven Engine is available as a cloud service (DaaS - Data as a Service) but also On-Premise. You choose, which operating mode you prefer. The perfect data in perfect quality - everywhere.

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The perfect data directly in the PDM, ERP and PLM-System

It would be a shame not to use the perfect Data from the Data-Driven Engine for existing Systems in the Company. Of course, the Data-Driven Engine offers all possibilities to communicate with common CAD, PDM, ERP and/or PLM-Systems.

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Advanced Data-Mining Services

Every Company is individual - and so is its Data. Custom Data-Mining is often challenging but highly exciting. We are Professionals in Data-Mining and Deep Learning in mass data and test the limits of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Contact us. We get the Maximum out of your existing Data. Just contact us.

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Integration in the costdata® calculation Software

Our Data-Driven Engine works unobtrusively and diligently for Users of the Bottom-Up Calculation Software costdata® calculation. The Engine creates the perfect Data to substantially shorten the costing process in costdata® calculation. Whether 3D CAD Data or 2D Documents. The engine reads the relevant Data from Documents in perfect quality and within seconds and makes them available directly in the costdata® calculation.

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