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The CostChecker | Fully automated Cost Calculation with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cost calculation takes cost prediction to a new level. Calculating costs has to be easy, dynamic and accurate. The CostChecker combines everything, with unmatched ease.

AI-based Costing | Highly accurate, fast and easy to use

The CostChecker in the CAD System Autodesk Inventor
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More than 80% of manufacturing costs are determined in product development. Engineers and project managers therefore, need plausible and reliable calculations of manufacturing costs for components and assemblies - directly in the CAD System. The CostChecker calculates manufacturing costs of components and assemblies with highest precision and within seconds. Choose an Add-On to make the CostChecker the best calculation solution in your company.

Engineers design too expensive! (german language)

Who doesn't know this saying ... The report about the CostChecker in SMM - Swiss Machine Market shows, why Engineers need reliable and accurate cost calculations directly in the 3D CAD system. Read more (german language)

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