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shouldcosting | Learning from Experts

Sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm means a lot to us. That's why we are regularly involved at the PLM University and the Technical University in Rapperswil SG.

Current Workshops 2024 (German language):

AI-based Category Management

Workshop - Automated Category Management
  • The sense of automated, AI-based category management
  • How does automated category management work?
  • The role of machine learning in category management
  • What are the basic requirements for automated category management?
  • Highly dynamic category management with ACM
  • State-of-the-art technologies: Tangible and concrete
  • Developing solution strategies, practical examples and use cases

Data-Driven Costing

Workshop - Data-Driven Costing
  • How does data become knowledge?
  • What does "Predictive Costing" mean?
  • What is the nature of data needed, to make predictions based on it?
  • Requirements for Predictive Costing in mechanical engineering
  • Examples and practical applications

Data-Driven Procurement

Workshop - Data-Driven Procurement
  • How does purchasing data become knowledge?
  • Advanced Analytics in strategic procurement
  • Predicitive┬áPricing - Knowing target┬áprices before negotiations
  • Experience advanced procurement
  • Examples and applications

DataCamp | Mechanical Engineering

DataCamp - mechanical engineering
  • Why does competitiveness, increasingly correlate with data quality?
  • Teamwork: We write down questions, that concern us every day.
  • Teamwork: How must data be obtained in the age of algorithms?
  • Teamwork: Is the current data situation in the company sufficient, to answer daily questions within seconds?
  • Conclusion and definition of further topics for the next data camp.

AEPC - Automated Enterprise Product Costing

Workshop - AEPC - automated enterprise product costing
  • The "symbiosis" of purchasing, development and controlling
  • What does cost transparency in purchasing mean?
  • What does cost transparency in product development mean?
  • What are the basic requirements for successful cost management?
  • The golden rules of cost management

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