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shouldcosting | Learning from Experts

Sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm means a lot to us. That's why we are regularly involved at the PLM University and the Technical University in Rapperswil SG.

Our speakers impart their knowledge in workshops and training courses at the Technical University in Rapperswil SG

If required, we conduct our workshops in the companies on site. We can promise ... these workshops are highly interesting.

DataCamp | Mechanical engineering

DataCamp - mechanical engineering
  • Why does competitiveness, increasingly correlate with data quality?
  • Teamwork: We write down questions, that concern us every day.
  • Teamwork: How must data be obtained in the age of algorithms?
  • Teamwork: Is the current data situation in the company sufficient, to answer daily questions within seconds?
  • Conclusion and definition of further topics for the next data camp.

Workshop | Advanced procurement

Workshop - advanced procurement
  • How does purchasing data become knowledge?
  • Advanced Analytics in strategic procurement
  • Predicitive Costing - Knowing target costs before negotiations
  • Experience advanced procurement
  • Examples and applications

Workshop | Predicitve Costing

Workshop - Predicitve Costing
  • How does data become knowledge?
  • What does "Predictive Costing" mean?
  • What is the nature of data needed, to make predictions based on it?
  • Requirements for Predictive Costing in mechanical engineering
  • Examples and practical applications

Workshop | Integrated cost management

Workshop - Integrated cost management
  • The "symbiosis" of purchasing, development and controlling
  • What does cost transparency in purchasing mean?
  • What does cost transparency in product development mean?
  • What are the basic requirements for successful cost management?
  • The golden rules of cost management

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