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AEPC - automated enterprise product costing is automated cost management, automated data analysis and integrated cost forecasting with Artifical intelligence in PLM, ERP, PDM and CAD Systems.

AEPC deliver fully automated enterprise product costing process

AEPC for PLM, ERP, PDM & CAD System

  • AEPC represents automated cost calculation for the early stage of product development with Machine Learning.
  • AEPC represents automated data analysis with Artifical intelligence within your CAD, PDM, ERP or PLM system.
  • AEPC represents automated Data-Mining and Deep Learning.
  • AEPC represents automated category management with Artifical intelligence.

    AEPC combines all disciplines of our software solutions to one cost - and data management process and enables automated Data-Mining, integrated Data Analysis, Data-Driven Costing and future-oriented Machine Learning. The connection to PLM, ERP, PDM and CAD systems is always guaranteed. AEPC ensures, that not only existing company data is systematically used. Each newly created dataset is also correctly recorded & evaluated. AEPC increases the "value of company data" throughout the company and ensures fully automated cost management processes.
AEPC deliver Knowledge for Costing

Report in KMU-digital (german language)

Hans-Peter Gysel, the managing director of shouldcosting Inc. knows, how digitalisation can save costs in companies. Even simple data analyses can lead to considerable cost savings in different areas. In an interview with "Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum" he explains, how the large amount of company data can be used for substantial cost reduction.

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