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AI-Driven | Identify 10-12% Savings in Mass Data

RESET YOUR COST BASE. For unlocking the full savings potential in procurement, technical specifications of every single item need to be taken into account. By creating perfect data with our Data-Driven Engine, we create the perfect starting point for fact-based savings at unmatched speed.

Target group: Strategic and operational procurement

Re-establish Profitability with fact-based Savings in Mass Data

Procurement is the biggest lever for organizations to re-establish profitability. The immediate focus for the procurement functions must be to redefine the cost base. Our mass data analyses deliver a positive Return on Investment after 2-3 months. By creating perfect data with our Data-Driven Engine, we create the foundation for substantial savings, cost-optimized product design and pooling strategies. In addition to fact-based arguments for renegotiations with suppliers, the Advanced Analytics services offers opportunities to precisely identify internal cost reduction potentials.

Analyze Mass Data for Substantial Savings

Our analysis answers business-relevant questions:

  • Which supplier is the best supplier for specific product groups?
  • Which components have got cost reduction potential?
  • Which prices are justified for new components and assemblies?
  • How homogeneously do we buy in the categories?
  • How many similar components do we purchase to different prices?
  • Which Business-Unit buys too expensively?
  • Whats your question?
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Next Level Procurement Excellence with AI

With the PSI our customers identify potential savings, find similar or identical components within seconds, calculates should costs of new components and also masters the classic Bottom-UP Calculation for components and assemblies. The PSI answers questions, that arise daily and represents Procurement Excellence at the highest level.

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