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2D CADminer | Deep Learning (AI) reads Drawings

2D drawings contain a lot of important and price-relevant information. Information that often cannot be found in IT-Systems. The 2D CADminer automatically interprets drawings and extracts necessary, helpfull information. Fully automated and fully integrated in CAD, PDM, ERP and PLM-Systems.

Feature extraction from technical drawings with AI

2D CADminer evaluate 2D Drawings fully automated

2D drawings contain many price-relevant parameters. Reading out manually involves a lot of effort and is subject to errors. The 2D CADminer reads out price-relevant information from 2D drawings with high precision and within seconds. Artifical Intelligence (Deep Learning) is the key. It doesn't matter in which format your drawings are available. The Artifical Intelligence of the 2D CADminer reads out everything, with highest accuracy. In the DaaS - Mode, the 2D CADminer acts as the perfect data provider for PDM, ERP and PLM-Systems.

2D Data Extraction as an integrated Process

Data-Driven means having the perfect corporate data available at any time and systematically. The 2D CADminer is an integrated part of our Data-Driven Engine. Integrated in your IT landscape, the 2D CADminer works in combination with PDM, PLM, CAD and ERP-Systems and provides the perfect data for your data-driven processes.

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