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Benchmarking is used to identify the performance gaps, by comparing with a best-in-class companies. Data-Driven Benchmarking enables exactly that - within seconds.

Best-in-Class Comparisons with ease

How well does our procurement department "perform", compared to other procurement departments? A comparison of certain performance elements is exciting. The CostChecker has the ability to address external data. This external data represents Best-in-Class companies in specific commodity groups. The simplicity of this benchmark can't be beat:

  • Drag&Drop the 3D CAD model on the CostChecker
  • Define Parameter like Material, Country, etc.
  • Start the Benchmark
  • Compare
CostChecker mit Benchmarkmaske

Benchmark Data from Professionals

Our Partnership with costdata GmbH gives our Customers access to the best Benchmark Data on the Market. The Data for your Benchmarks is automatically updated by costdata. This ensures, that the CostChecker always has the latest Data available.

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