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Adaptive Category Management | with Machine Learning

Items are assigned to categories fully automatically. Customs tariff numbers are assigned correctly and, if required, each item is named automatically. Machine Learning changes the Category Management.

The basis for procurement activities

Category Management is an important basis for targeted measures in the procurement. A category management strategy can have a decisive influence on the success of procurement and substantially simplify many subsequent processes. The main tasks of category management are:

  • Transparency in the Procurement Portfolio
  • Sustainable Cost reductions
  • Coordinated approach in Business Groups
  • Strategic Approach instead of operational Overload

ACM - adaptive category management

Company data is the basis for automated category management with Machine Learning. ACM - Adaptive Category Management is impressive. Just imagine: Every item in the ERP-System is 100% correctly classified and assigned to the right category. Each item has the correct customs tariff number. Each item is automatically named. You will find every item in the ERP system - for 100%. Welcome to the world of Machine Learning and ACM - Adaptive Category Management.

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