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PSI - predictive saving identifier | Facts instead of Feelings

With over 10 state-of-the-art Algorithms, identify potential Savings - automatically.
The "PSI - predictive saving identifier" represents Advanced Procurement at the highest Level.

Advanced Procurement with Machine Learning

The PSI identifies savings potential in material groups, finds similar or identical components within seconds, calculates targetcosts of new components and also masters the classic Bottom-up Calculation for components and assemblies. The PSI answers questions, that arise daily in procurement and represents Advanced Procurement at the highest level.

AAS - automatic algorithm search

With "AAS - automatic algorithm search", the PSI finds the best and most accurate calculation method for the input data - fully automated. What additionally distinguishes the PSI - predictive saving identifier: High mathematics - easy to use. The PSI provides new, fact-based arguments for renegotiations with suppliers and can be fully integrated into existing IT Infrastructures (ERP, PLM, PDM).

SID - similar item detection

For companies it is impotant to find their way through large databases, in order to avoid redundancies and increase the reuse of items. With SID - similar item detection our cutomers are able to find similar components or assemblies within seconds. But in some cases, no 3D geometry, no 3D CAD file is available. With SID you can even find similar items based only on 2D drawings.

OSC - optimize supplier clustering

OSC - optimize supplier clustering, supports the procurement departments in supplier management. Intelligent algorithms allocate articles optimally to suppliers - based on criteria to be specifically defined. The PSI - predictive saving identifier knows, based on the integrated data models, which suppliers are the right suppliers for the items - from a technical and commercial perspective. For existing items, but also for new components or assemblies. It has never been easier to identify the most suitable suppliers for your items.

Integrated Bottom-UP

You would like to calculate your components in the conventional way - bottom-up? Or benchmark components within the shortest possible time? The PSI offers all possibilities. The integrated bottom-up calculation includes transport costs, country-specific personnel costs, energy costs ... the database in the bottom-up area is always up-to-date and reliable.

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