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2D CADminer | Automated Drawing Analysis

2D drawings contain a lot of important and price-relevant information. Information that often cannot be found in ERP systems. The 2D CADminer changes that ... it gets everything out of 2D documents - reliably and efficiently.

Give corporate data massively more value

2D CADminer evaluate 2D Drawings fully automated
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2D drawings contain many price-relevant parameters. Reading out manually involves a lot of effort and is subject to errors. The 2D CADminer reads out price-relevant information from 2D drawings with high precision and within seconds. Deep Learning is the key. It doesn't matter in which format your drawings are available. The Deep Learning of our 2D CADminer reads out everything, with highest accuracy. With this Software, your data lake is filled up very quickly with very usefull values for every departement.

High-precision reading of objects

Recognize tolerances of shape and position or specific objects in hundreds of thousands of documents. The 2D CADminer is impressive ...

Detect and read out objects fully automated

Detect similarities in 2D drawings

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SDD - similar drawing detection

Items with long life cycles are often not yet available as 3D CAD models. But even in this case, the procurement department needs possibilities, to identify similarities in items in order to obtain valuable information for e.g. pooling of items. Our algorithms are able to identify similar drawings - without 3D geometry. Thus, our customers are able to analyze older data, where no 3D models exist yet, for similar Items and identify illogical price-structures.

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